June 19, 2024 3:05 am
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Italian Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli Sues New Hampshire Air Charter Firm

Credit: iStock

Staff Writer

Private Jet Services of Seabrook, an air charter firm in New Hampshire, was recently sued by Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli. The lawsuit was filed in September in federal court in New Hampshire, in which Bocelli claimed that during his U.S. tour last year, the company provided him with an older, noisier airplane instead of what was in the agreement. Specifically, Bocelli is asking for the compensation incurred when he paid for alternative flight arrangements, lawyers fees, and damages. The amount he demands reaches $569,800. 

Bocelli is a tenor who performs around the world. According to Portsmouth Attorney Michele Kenney, Bocelli’s fear and anxiety of flying contribute to his heightened sensitivity to elevated noise that an older airplane often makes in flight.